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-        Pageant Comp Cards         -

Pageant Shots A Beauty Pageant Comp Card is a large photograph displaying an assortment of the contestants best images in a fancy and bright color arrangement in order to show off the contestants beauty and personality.   This Comp Card photo is usually printed 8.5x11 in size so it will fit tightly in the contestants portfolio.
On the right you will see 3 samples of a Beauty Pageant Comp Card.
You will be allowed to choose the background colors and the prints for this comp card.
Any photo that has been retouched and printed for your portfolio will be added to the comp card at no extra charge.   Any other photo you want to have added to the card will have a $5. retouching charge.   Remember that any other photos that you might want add to your comp card that were not taken be myself might not be the same quality and might look different on the card.
Pageant ShotsYou will be emailed a copy of the comp card for approval before printing.

The cost for creating this comp card is $35.  
All additional prints are $15.00 each.
Pageant Shots
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